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Not Everyone Is Protected by Pay Transparency Ruling

This month’s analyst is Eileen Taylor, a member of the HRA-NCA Compensation committee, and Maria Gupta of AKRON, Inc.  Eileen has over 15 years of experience in Human Resources including human capital plans, compensation programs and recruiting strategies. With a degree from Radford University, she is a Certified Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) and […]

The Battle for Talent

In regions with knowledge-intensive industries, finding the right kind of talent to add to your organization is as challenging as ever.  The demand for talent has placed pressure on human resource staff to identify the best candidates for each job.  In order to meet that demand, the primary way the HR staff can really gauge […]

Executive Level Compensation

Properly compensating valued employees at the Executive level can be one of the most challenging issues for even the most seasoned HR Professionals. Determining an appropriate compensation package that is above or equal to market value without setting unrealistic annual increases or subsequently driving up the market price can be difficult to navigate. As a […]

Security Clearance Premium Information in the HRA-NCA Compensation Survey

The HRA-NCA Compensation Survey includes information to help you determine any premium that is paid to employees with various levels of clearance.  Clearance information is collected in one of two ways.  First, when collecting data for each incumbent, we ask organizations to provide the incumbent’s level of clearance, if this is available.  This information is […]