The 2018 HRA-NCA Surveys are available!

The 2018 HRA-NCA Benefits and Compensation Surveys are available!

HRA-NCA is proud to announce the release of the 2018 HRA-NCA Benefits and Compensation Surveys. The 2018 HRA-NCA Benefits and Compensation Surveys report on over 40 policies and practices in the region, encompassing leave benefits, retirement benefits, executive medicalpay increase budgets, bonuses, turnoversecurity clearances and much more.

The Compensation Survey can be used to establish market salaries for new hires and develop your organization’s compensation philosophy while the HRA-NCA Benefits Survey will keep you up to date on what other companies are doing and emerging trends, such as the average default deferral percentage for defined contribution retirement plans.

  • Over 70,000 incumbent pay rates reported across 23 job families, 137 job tracks and over 500 jobs.
  • Each job in the report presents two pages of compensation data, including annual salary, formal pay ranges, and new hire rates, reported by location of job site, type of industry, size of employer and gross revenue.
  • How does your organization’s salary budget and salary growth from 2017-2018 compare to others in the region?

Use the Benefits survey to keep up to date on what other companies are doing as the Affordable Care Act takes hold in the region.

  • What is the prevailing strategy used by employers in the area to manage costs.
  • Which health plan reported a near 0% dissatisfaction rate with employees and is offered by half of employers in the area.
  • How do the health care premium changes your organization received in 2017 compare to others in the region?

All of this information is available in this year’s HRA-NCA Benefits Survey Report. If you have any questions about the surveys, please call us at (202) 745-0400 or email To order the survey, download the order form here and email or fax it back to us at (202) 745-0275.