Our Approach

AKRON’s methodology for developing a solution is based on one primary question…

“What change are we trying to effect in the organization by implementing this solution?”

The answer forms the basis for the system we design. We believe every application should solve a business problem or  satisfy an end user concern, otherwise, it should not be built. Hence, we are committed to understanding exactly how a given solution will fit within the wider business goals of the organization starting from idea through implementation, we use our proven four step approach to software design.



Architecture and Analysis

In this initial phase we meet with key personnel from our client’s team to review the requirements and obtain all of the necessary information to put together a System and Database Specification document. Then we brainstorm, sketch, design, review documents, test and discuss our ideas to solve the issues at hand and learn about our clients’ business. The bottom line is that we are committed to understanding the particular problem we are working to solve, and its impact on the organization, from a business perspective, so that we can architect the most effective solution.



Rapid Prototyping

Once we understand our client’s needs, we develop a application prototype as a proof of concept. We use the prototype to demonstrate how a particular tool will look and feel before we expend the resources to create a working product. The prototype is used as an object of discussion and criticism. It gives our clients the opportunity to react to a collection of partially functional screens rather than the just text of a specification document.


Review & Confirmation

Once a prototype is created, we use the Review and Confirmation phase to confirm our findings and our understanding of the requirements. We take a proactive approach to determining potential problems or inconsistencies with client expectations early in the project to make sure our software will provide a comprehensive solution.





During the Implementation and Testing phase, our development team will work the plan and build the application, component by component, screen by screen, table by table. Depending on the application, we apply proven software engineering methodologies to ensure that specifications are met and the delivery schedule is not compromised.