Survey Collection and Data Analysis

Design, Develop, Collect, Report – From Concept to Survey Solution we can help you every step of the way.

Equally at ease developing both marketing websites and complex corporate web-based systems, we truly excel at solving business challenges by applying technical solutions. Our diverse team of analysts and developers, provide a wide range of technical services applying a combination of keen analytical skills and technical ingenuity to every challenge.

Survey Collection and Data Analysis

AKRON, Inc. designs and conducts surveys for Associations, Human Resources Departments and Non-profit Organizations.  We specialize in Compensation Surveys and Data Analytics software that offers end-to-end solutions to meet the needs of small and large organizations alike. With over 10 years administering a variety of surveys, we understand the need for fast and reliable data collection and analytics. AKRON can deliver major custom survey applications from requirements to implementation in less than three weeks.

Below are samples data visualizations from one of our recent surveys.



See a selection of our current surveys here.

Web Site Design and Support

Designing affordable brochure-style web sites for small and medium sized businesses is one of our core competencies. Whether you are just starting your company or you are a well-established organization and implementing a complete re-design of your website, AKRON can provide you with full life-cycle web site design, implementation and support.

Database Applications

AKRON has the experience and the expertise to develop and deliver web-based application frameworks that make querying a database with millions of pieces of information a simple task. We have created an environment that not only enables the query of multiple separate in-house databases simultaneously, but that also gives you the option of expanding the application to your major clients and users.

We are also well-versed in creating various management systems from fundraising, registration and grant management to providing a single interface for multiple departments to work collaboratively.

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