As a Washington, DC company we have a strong commitment to the region and have developed solutions for a variety of government contractors, associations, non-profit organizations and other area companies.

AKRON, Inc. clients include:

Compensation Surveys

HRA-NCA (DC-SHRM) – Compensation Survey, Government Contractors Compensation Survey and  Salary Planning Surveys
Local Government Personnel Association – Compensation & Benefits Surveys
Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority – Compensation Survey
SHRM Foundation – Piedmont Triad Region, Greensboro, NC – Human Resources Survey
National Cooperative Business Association – Chief Executive Compensation Survey
National Think Tank Compensation Survey

Learn more about our Survey Solutions here.

Data Analytics Services

Congressional Budget Office
Funders Network / The Urban Institute
International Labor Organization
The World Bank

Other Software and Web Services

Center for Hellenic Studies, Harvard University
Center on Executive Compensation
Communications Development Inc.
Electronic Data Systems
Havemeyer Foundation
HR Policy Association
Human Resource Research Organization
Jason Corporation
MYTA Corporation
National Coalition for the Aging
Northern Virginia Counseling Group
Odyssey Magazine
OPERA America
Organization of American States
US Agency for International Development
US Department of Justice
US Department of State
US Postal Service
Washington Area Compensation and Benefits Association